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Queensland’s leading Peak Performance Wellness Centre for women suffering from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pelvic Pain, Hormonal Changes, Digestive Disorders, Chronic Pain and other Chronic Diseases.

What if you could get a heads-up on your health status tomorrow, based on the life you’re living today? You can.

Includes a Complimentary 3D Body Composition Scan


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Our aim is to help you achieve optimal physical and mental health through non-invasive, 100% natural strategies.

Located only 30 min from Brisbane, we are Australia’s only clinic to offer a complete range of specialised diagnostic tools.

We take a scientific and objective approach to identifying the root causes of chronic pain. We aim to eliminate guesswork and ensure that we have a clear understanding of what we are treating.

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Diagnostic tools

Find out more about the cutting-edge diagnostic tools we are using at Vivitality to support you along your journey to a new you.


At Vivitality, we treat the root cause of your health problems, find out where and how we can help you.

Well-being Packages

As John Rohn said, "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." Investing in your health is never a lost investment.

Includes a Complimentary 3D Body Composition Scan

Explore Life Beyond Chronic Pain

Dr Osvaldo Cooley - Integrative & Peak Performance Clinician

Welcome, I am Dr Os and here to help you becoming a healthier version of yourself.  Together we will increase your overall well-being and performance to a level you didn’t experience yet. By combining evidence-based research with cutting-edge technology and a natural, non-invasive approach, I will develop a customised and comprehensive health plan with you. Vivitality offers you personalised services in

What inspired me to specialise in Women's Health & Well-being

Over 15 years ago, my wife was diagnosed with ductal cell carcinoma of the right breast. She went through a series of treatments that left her feeling depressed and uncaring about her appearance. After finishing treatment, we tried to have a baby but were given only a 1% chance of success through traditional IVF. 

Determined, we created the Vivitality Method, an integrative program combining nutrition, natural supplements, emotional therapy, and physical therapy. In just 6 weeks, my wife lost over 7 kilos and re-shaped her body. 

Six months later, we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy, and active baby boy. The Vivitality Method can help you take control of your life and reach your peak performance.

Throughout this experience, I have developed a strong passion for supporting others on their wellness journeys and a deep understanding of chronic illness.

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